I’m delighted to announce that I will be appearing (or at least my words will be) at the Edinburgh Festival where the students of Bishops Stortford College are performing Not That Different, the musical I wrote with Toby Hunt. 

If you’re popping up to Edinburgh this year, do drop in and applaud furiously.

I am excited to be returning to Pizza Express Soho in July with the amazing Rob Barron (piano),Geoff Gascoyne (bass) and Tristan Mailiot (drums).

Booking is now open so please come and join us to while away the afternoon with some wonderful tunes old and new.

It's going to be terrific - amongst the new material will be tunes by Michel Legrand, Gretchen Peters, Rupert Holmes or Randy Newman - as well as a little Doris Day tribute.

I’m really looking forward to playing in the beautiful art deco surroundings of Crazy Coqs again.

Rob Barron (piano) Geoff Gascoyne (bass) and Emiliano Caroselli (drums) and I will be bringing you selections from half a century of the Great American Songbook – reinterpreting standards by writers as diverse as Cole Porter, Frank Loesser, Randy Newman and Paul Simon. 

Please join us in London's most intimate cabaret for a very personal selection of songs.  Tickets available now at www.brasseriezedel.com

On Thursday 25th of October, I’m at the Pheasantry with fresh interpretations of songs from a golden decade.

There’s something for everyone - whether your taste runs to songwriters Bacharach & David, Jimmy Webb, Randy Newman and Laura Nyro, jazz hipsters such as Bob Dorough and Tommy Wolf or the Latin sounds popularised by Antônio Carlos Jobim.

Join me along with Chris Lee (piano), Dave Whitford (bass) and Emiliano Caroselli (drums).

Follow this link to book tickets.

I am excited to be back at Pizza Express Soho with an all new show featuring reinterpretations of songs associated with Frank Sinatra, including fresh takes on his collaborations with Basie, Ellington and Jobim. Geoff Gascoyne and Chris Lee wrote the brilliant new arrangements and I've got the amazing Rob Barron (piano), Dave Whitford (bass) and Emiliano Caroselli (drums) on the stand with me.

Come Fly With Me, Witchcraft, Luck Be A Lady and a host of other favourites - reinvented.  Ring a ding ding (as Frank probably never actually said...).  More info and booking links here.

I’m back at Pizza Express Soho, on 26th November. I’ve got the great Robin Aspland, Dave Whitford and, for the first time, the fantastic Emiliano Caroselli alongside me, so do come and join us for some new tunes and a fresh spin on some old favourites.

See the events page for more details and booking links

I’m back at Pizza Express Soho, on 26th November.  I’ve got the great Robin Aspland, Dave Whitford and David Dyson alongside me, so do come and join us for some new tunes and a few old favourites.

Before that, on Sunday 12th November, I'll be at the Spice of Life as part of the London Jazz festival with fellow vocalists Trudy Kerr and Tara Minton and special guest Dave O’Higgins as part of the London Jazz Festival. Tara is also an amazing harpist so there will be lots to enjoy. 

See the events page for more details and booking links

Or, more accurately, I wrote one with my friend Toby Hunt, illustrious baritone and choir master.  The task was to write something uplifting about singing - originally for a choir of people living with cancer.  It's called Raise Your Voice and has been performed at Bishops Stortford College and even been on tour to France with the school so that’s quite exciting.  Sound clips to follow.

The full score is available should anyone feel inclined to have a bash at performing it – just get in touch.  Meanwhile you can view the lead sheet (PDF) and marvel at our musical and lyrical genius.

And - STOP PRESS - Toby and I have been commissioned to write a song cycle (there's posh) for Bishops Stortford College for Autumn 2018 - watch this space...

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Just East accompany everybody from Liane Carroll to Rob Barron so it will be a thrill to play with them and the equally brilliant Geoff Gascoyne at one of London’s friendliest venues.

You can book here so please come and join us for some great music – and a drink or two.

I love Geoff Gascoyne's arrangement of this Bacharach and David classic.

Great to be back at the Archduke this Saturday 18th February.  Looking forward to playing with Chris Lee again.  We're on at 7.30 and, if that's not enough for you, you can loiter on and listen to the amazing Tim Armacost and Michael Janisch Quartet at 10.00.

Thanks to everyone who came to see me, Robin Aspland, Geoff Gascoyne and David Dyson at Pizza Express Soho on 27th November.  We had an unconscionable amount of fun.

There is one more bit of giggage before the hols - I'm doing Seasonal things with the John Ongom Big Band on 16th December.  If you like your Christmas with horns check it out here.

I’ll be back at Pizza Express, Dean Street on 27th November for another Sunday lunch gig.  Perfect timing to combine with your Christmas shopping (yup, it’ll soon be here).

I've got a fantastic band with me - Robin Aspland, Geoff Gascoyne and David Dyson, plus some lovely new arrangements as well as your old favourites

Click here for more info and to book tickets.

I've been having a lot of fun playing these with Geoff Castle on piano and Andy Hamilton on sax.  A very civilised way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

If you like jazz and you like lunch (and who doesn't) there's more info here.

I’ll be joining forces again with the amazing Trudy Kerr at the Pheasantry on 30th June for a programme of music from the 60s.  Everything from Burt Bacharach and Laura Nyro to great numbers from the jazz catalogues of Bob Dorough and Tommy Wolf.  You’ll recognise some of the tunes and there will be some surprises as well.

We have a fantastic band including Rob Barron on piano and Geoff Gascoyne on bass.

Click here for full details and to book tickets

So this whole Song For The Day thing seemed like such a good idea.  I mean everything's on the Net right?


So after several weeks of digging out great songs and singers and realising I couldn't play them because no one else had posted them on YouTube I realised I would have to start making my own videos.  So I got busy with Windows Movie Maker.

The house style won't worry Fellini (always assuming he were still around to be worried) but at least I can now share the stuff I really want to share – and maybe continue to surprise some of you.

The first one's a doozy – Miss Etta Jones.

Many thanks to Rob Lester at talkinbroadway.com for this great review

Mark Jennett knows and shows that a flame kept low for a slow-burning fire can be more effective than the dramatic, fiery, attention-grabbing vocalizing many prefer.  It takes talent and focus to be mellow and yet mesmerizing.

Mark takes the tempo and drama in low gear, but never sounds dispassionate or too offhand.  A quiet confidence informs his stance and phrasing, with vulnerability cloaked in a jazz man's hip assuredness.  There's a respect implied and an understanding when he and his arranger go into uncharted waters.

Jennett and Geoff Gascoyne, the arranger-producer-band member (bass, organ, synthesizer and glockenspiel) have the rare ability of making songs sound in the moment and owned, without the whiff of gimmicks.


Check out the new sleeve note on Wives and Lovers...

OK, so I seem to have done something a bit controversial.

Not Robin Thicke or Azealia Banks controversial, you understand, but a few people have suggested that I’ve made a mistake by recording Wives and Lovers.An article in the great arbiter of political correctness that is the Huffington Post tends to confirm this when it describes it as ‘one of the most offensive songs, ever’.

But I think things are a little more complicated than that…


Many thanks to Peter Quinn for this great review of the new CD in the October issue of Jazzwise magazine.

Kicking off with the adrenalized title track, taken from the Sondheim musical Anyone Can Whistle, this hugely enjoyable 14-track collection from vocalist Mark Jennett presents a mix of standards, show tunes and pop classics.

From the syncopated electric piano riff that gently propels ‘Are You There (With Another Boy) forward, to the slinky, head-nodding take on ‘How Long Has This Been Going On’, to the pared down voice, bass and drums interpretation of ‘Oh, Look At Me Now’, Geoff Gascoyne’s arrangements are first rate.



I had a great night launching the album at St James Studio with Tom Cawley, Geoff Gascoyne, Sebastiaan de Krom, Martin Shaw and Josephine Davies. 

Here are a couple of pics - more to follow...

IMG 1824 640x480

 Geoff searches for that next note...

 IMG 1829 480x640

Here are some shots from (drum roll) my brand new video.

Filmed by Rebecca Brand, it's a live version of Oh, Look At Me Now one of the tracks from the new album Everybody Says Don't.

Thanks to Geoff Gascoyne for his wonderful playing (and gorgeous blue shirt which, sadly, can't be fully appreciated in B&W in the finished product...).

Check it out on the homepage or on YouTube.


Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 08.56.50Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 14.40.16 2Capture2 800x400

There's a great review for the album on AllAboutJazz.com - thanks guys!

Sparkles with energy… beautifully performed. Great songs, interpreted with style. Jennett is a singer who understands and immerses himself in the stories the songs are telling.

read more


London Jazz News have just published an interview about the album and the launch.  Many thanks to author Tamsin Collison.

Read the interview

You can now hear full versions of some of the tracks on Everybody Says Don’t at Reverbnation – including a new one, Slow Boat to China. Click below or on the menu bar link.


Yes, I’m slowly embracing the world of social media. What next – Snapchat? To find out what I’m doing almost before I know myself, click below or on the menu bar link.


The album launch for Everybody Says Don't features Tom Cawley (piano), Geoff Gascoyne (bass), Sebastiaan de Krom (drums), Martin Shaw (trumpet) and Josephine Davies (sax).

Tuesday 16th Sep 2014, 8.00pm at St James Studio (12 Palace Street, London SW1E 5JA).

Book online at St James Studio or telephone 0844 264 2140.