I have an embarrassingly large CD and record collection – spread across two flats (not both mine, in case you were wondering) and occupying everything from shelves to suitcases. Courtesy of YouTube, I thought I’d share some of the choice items – particularly some of the less well known ones.  Think of it as a slowly evolving, digital mixtape...

There’ll be a new song most days (at least that’s the plan) so keep checking back and please post your comments and suggestions as well.

They REALLY don't make records like this any more. More's the pity. From 1961's Two Of A Kind, Bobby and Johnny behaving very badly indeed.



Here's Tony in 1961 with lifelong accompanist Ralph Sharon.  The duo albums he made with Bill Evans may be better known but this is lovely too.  Forget any preconceptions about this being a 'woman's song'.  Why shouldn't that most sympatico of singers know how this one feels?



All the piano players will know this one. Never intended for commercial release (hence the less than stellar sound), the recording that became Errol Garner’s Concert by the Sea album from 1955 was just too good not to put out. It also features Eddie Calhoun (bass) and Denzil Best (drums). All of it is glorious but I particularly love the way this one just lopes along. 


Dee Dee Warwick sang with her sister Dionne and aunt Cissy Houston in the Gospelaires. With Dionne, Doris Troy and Judy Clay she sang back up for Ben E. King, Dinah Washington, Solomon Burke and Jerry Butler. She recorded Alfie before her big sister and the original version of I’m Gonna Make You Love Me but enjoyed sporadic success as a soloist. This slow burner is one of her greatest. Read more about Dee Dee.